6 inch Selenite Tower
6 inch Selenite Tower
6 inch Selenite Tower
The House of Gentry

6 inch Selenite Tower

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Approximately 6  x 1.5 inches.

Perfect to use as decoration in spaces you want to cleanse or in the middle of crystal grids.

Selenite carries one of the highest vibrations; it is a powerful cleansing tool.  Place crystals or jewelry on one of these plates to cleanse and recharge their energies. Use them as decoration in corners of your home to keep the energy cleansed.

  • Sourced from Morocco
  • No two will be alike. There will be variation in color/tone.
  • These natural crystals are made from salt and one of the softest-you may see chips along the edges. 
  • The lines within the crystal are not cracks, but the natural formation of this stone.
  • There are inclusions, including earth/dirt within the crystal.
  • This soft crystal should stay away from water, which can disintegrate it.

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