This is updated once a month with new product to choose from.  Please add your choices to a cart and send a screenshot of your selections to me via DM no later than the 7th of every month.

  1.  You are required to create atleast 1 reel & tiktok per item over $25, 1 IG static feed post, as well as, a video to your stories about all the products that you’ve received. This content can be batch created to stretch out over the remainder of the month.
  2. All of the items must be worn or used to demonstrate functionality by you in video format via reels and/or stories.
  3. You are required to share The House Of Gentry’s new arrival announcement post to your stories every week by Friday at noon. Tag @TheHouseOfGentry and add your audience code. (This post will be sent to you via DM as a reminder)